Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass

Battle Pass

Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 includes power-up Reality Augments, hurdling, new weapons, the introduction of a dirt bike and more!

The Awakening Spray icon

The Awakening

Leave your mark.

Swing Away Spray icon

Swing Away

Leave your mark.

Mark of the Champion Spray icon

Mark of the Champion

Leave your mark.

Slayers Helm Spray icon

Slayers Helm

Leave your mark.

Ooh Yum! Spray icon

Ooh Yum!

Leave your mark.

Moonglow, Alight Spray icon

Moonglow, Alight

Leave your mark.

Aerial Spray icon


Leave your mark.

Fanged Foresight Pickaxe icon

Fanged Foresight

Sometimes to see, you must first clear the path.

Designated Hitters Pickaxe icon

Designated Hitters

Swing for the fences.

The Eternal Edge Pickaxe icon

The Eternal Edge

To the wielder goes the throne.

Crucible Blade Pickaxe icon

Crucible Blade

For destroying Titan demons.

Big Bite Pickaxe icon

Big Bite

Coffins, gravestones, ancient tomes... This'll cut through anything.

Lunar Glow Pickaxe icon

Lunar Glow

Given might by lunar light!

Board Breaker Pickaxe icon

Board Breaker

Hope you're sponsored, dude.

Exiles Emblem Wrap icon

Exiles Emblem

Show your style.

The Oathbound Crest Wrap icon

The Oathbound Crest

Show your style.

Praetor Shroud Wrap icon

Praetor Shroud

Show your style.

Hunter Purple Wrap icon

Hunter Purple

Show your style.

Lunarian Luxury Wrap icon

Lunarian Luxury

Show your style.

Massai Fire Wrap icon

Massai Fire

Show your style.

Heart Chambers Emoticon icon

Heart Chambers

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Cackle-Demon Emoticon icon


Express yourself on the battlefield.

Bobbi the Boba Emoticon icon

Bobbi the Boba

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Brain Bolt Emoticon icon

Brain Bolt

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Take It Easy Emoticon icon

Take It Easy

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Exile Nezumi Loading Screen icon

Exile Nezumi

They say I’m out of control, but I’ve never felt more like me. Art by Jacob Noble.

Dusty Loading Screen icon


It's all a game, but I play for keeps. Art by Pedro Correa.

The Ageless Champion Loading Screen icon

The Ageless Champion

Raise the banners high and fight to the last. So we are sworn. Art by David Benzal.

The Ageless Loading Screen icon

The Ageless

I've always preferred the sword to the crown. Art by Mateus Manhanini.

Doom Slayer Loading Screen icon

Doom Slayer

In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Art by Kyle Hotz, colors by Dan Brown.

Reality Zero Loading Screen icon

Reality Zero

Chosen by fate, destined for greatness.

Day Zero Loading Screen icon

Day Zero

From fractured realities, a new era is born.

Bobarista Helsie Loading Screen icon

Bobarista Helsie

Good friends, good tea, and good vibes are all I need. Art by Sam Mckenzie.

Selene Loading Screen icon


Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find your own style. Art by David Nakayama.

Air Walker Massai Loading Screen icon

Air Walker Massai

Embrace the fear, and all the rest will fall into place. Art by Gerhard Human.

Massai Loading Screen icon


My style is all or nothing, and I've got the scars to prove it. Art by Nimit Malavia.

Airbound Eyes Contrail icon

Airbound Eyes

Look where you're going.

Spring Chaining Contrail icon

Spring Chaining

Breakin' records and breakin' chains.

Fall To Their Doom Contrail icon

Fall To Their Doom

We will send unto them, only you.

Terminal Veloci-tea Contrail icon

Terminal Veloci-tea

One Boba Sampler, on its way!

Lunar Rings Contrail icon

Lunar Rings

And you won't make a crater upon impact.

Crooked Grind Music icon

Crooked Grind

Press play and skate.

Oathbound Empire Music icon

Oathbound Empire

Press play and honor the kingdom.

Minds Eye Back Bling icon

Minds Eye

The ancient symbol of the Whispered Conclave.

Double Header Back Bling icon

Double Header

Perfect for any switch hitter.

Protector of the Pledge Back Bling icon

Protector of the Pledge

Hold fast against all enemies.

Mark of the Slayer Back Bling icon

Mark of the Slayer

A warning to all demons.

Boba Bling Back Bling icon

Boba Bling

Part of the official Bobom uniform.

Lunarios Back Bling icon


The telepathic mentor of Moonglow.

Grind Bag Back Bling icon

Grind Bag

From the half pipe to the battlefield.

Whispering Wind Glider icon

Whispering Wind

The vessel of the Whispered Conclave.

Infield Fly Glider icon

Infield Fly

All you need now is entrance music.

Cacodemon Glider icon


You're toast if you get too close.

Moonglide Glider icon


Soar through the night.

Flip Flyer Glider icon

Flip Flyer

Do a kick flip!

Commanders Descent Glider icon

Commanders Descent

No entrance is too grand for you.

Nezumi Outfit icon


Master your power, before it masters you.

Dusty Outfit icon


Two-time Bruteball MVP (Most Vicious Player).

The Ageless Outfit icon

The Ageless

The Snapshot left to rule an Empire.

Doom Slayer Outfit icon

Doom Slayer

The only thing they fear... is you.

Helsie Outfit icon


Adventure-seeker. Vampire staker. Boba master.

Selene Outfit icon


Her destiny lies in the stars.

Massai Outfit icon


Anyone can do the impossible.

Hypnot-Eyes Emote icon


I am getting sleepy...

Call to Arms Emote icon

Call to Arms

One must protect themselves.

Igni Sign Emote icon

Igni Sign

Behold the sign of Fire.

Mini Slayer Fistbump Emote icon

Mini Slayer Fistbump

I shall call him "Mini Slayer" and he will be my friend.

Boba Snack Emote icon

Boba Snack

Ooh, it's so refreshing!

Balance Board Emote icon

Balance Board

How long can you go?

How many Items are in the Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass Battle Pass?

So far, the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Battle Pass Battle Pass containes 69 Cosmetic Items (Excluding V-Bucks etc.). Some items however may be added later on in the season and require additional challenges to earn.

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