Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA

Battle Pass

Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA

The Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 - MEGA Battle Pass offers various New Outfits and Skins with a Futuristic theme

Basement Key Back Bling icon

Basement Key

Unlock the secret of Eren's past.

The Boom Back Bling icon

The Boom

Make some noise.

Fox Wayfinder Back Bling icon

Fox Wayfinder

Always know your way home.

Nemesis Box Back Bling icon

Nemesis Box

Rococo Baroque

Sushi Sign Back Bling icon

Sushi Sign

Open for business.

Remnant Blossom Back Bling icon

Remnant Blossom

The last-living bloom from Mystica's home.

River Guardian Back Bling icon

River Guardian

An ancient relic of the River Guard.

Neon Menagerie Back Bling icon

Neon Menagerie

Fuzzy and ferocious.

Squeezie Does it Emote icon

Squeezie Does it

Breathe in... Breathe out...

Scout Regiment Salute Emote icon

Scout Regiment Salute

Together, we give our hearts.

Expressionism Emote icon


Color your reality however you want.

Standing Bow Emote icon

Standing Bow

Show some respect.

Arrival of the Empress Emote icon

Arrival of the Empress

A ritual only known by the Empress of the River Guard.

Sweet Shot Emote icon

Sweet Shot

Bursting with joy.

Swag Shot Emote icon

Swag Shot

Welcome to the guilty party.

Chefs Special Emote icon

Chefs Special

Dinner and a show.

Taiko Drumbeat Emote icon

Taiko Drumbeat

Feel it in your heart.

Empress Fan Dance Emote icon

Empress Fan Dance

Grace. Beauty. Power.

Determined Eren Emoticon icon

Determined Eren

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Pulsing Purr Emoticon icon

Pulsing Purr

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Jaw Off Emoticon icon

Jaw Off

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Thunder Bowl Emoticon icon

Thunder Bowl

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Oni Teeth Emoticon icon

Oni Teeth

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Miffed Mizuki Emoticon icon

Miffed Mizuki

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Scowl Skull Emoticon icon

Scowl Skull

Express yourself on the battlefield.

MEGA Mavericks Loading Screen icon

MEGA Mavericks

This city is ours.

Imani Loading Screen icon


I'm an artist. I see this city from a new perspective. Art by Brandon Graham.

Future-fi Imani Loading Screen icon

Future-fi Imani

This is your chance to say you "knew me when..." Art by Ryan Smallman.

Renegade Stray Loading Screen icon

Renegade Stray

A traveler between dimensions. A hunter on the prowl. Art by AFU CHAN.

Stray Loading Screen icon


No one can predict the heart of a fox. Art by Johnny Dombrowski.

Renzo the Magnificent Loading Screen icon

Renzo the Magnificent

You're now entering the Renzone. Art by Sonny Day & Biddy Maroney.

Renzo the Destroyer Loading Screen icon

Renzo the Destroyer

Destruction has a name, and it's "Renzo the." Art by AFU CHAN.

Midnight Snack Thunder Loading Screen icon

Midnight Snack Thunder

From street fights to food fights. Art by Vanni Soru.

Thunder Loading Screen icon


Roll with Thunder. Art by Liam Brazier.

Crimsonbloom Mystica Loading Screen icon

Crimsonbloom Mystica

We must illuminate the past to find the future. Art by Berry Verrine.

Mystica Loading Screen icon


Discover worlds long lost. Art by Christian Ward.

River Empress Mizuki Loading Screen icon

River Empress Mizuki

I am your empress. Those who oppose me will regret it. Art by Ca Chou.

Mizuki Loading Screen icon


There is no victory without defeat. Art by Enzo Fernandez.

MEGA Nights Loading Screen icon

MEGA Nights

Run the night while the city sleeps.

Pack Leader Highwire Loading Screen icon

Pack Leader Highwire

The hunted becomes the hunter. Art by Koyorin.

Highwire Loading Screen icon


Wanna stop me? You'll have to catch me first. Art by Kenneth Rocafort.

Vital Music icon


Press play and stay one step ahead.

Thunder Roll Music icon

Thunder Roll

Press play and let that thunder roll.

Future Dreams Music icon

Future Dreams

Press play and make something magical.

Erens Faceoff Spray icon

Erens Faceoff

Leave your mark.

Arcade Cat  Spray icon

Arcade Cat

Leave your mark.

Unimpressed Imani Spray icon

Unimpressed Imani

Leave your mark.

Strays Side Eye Spray icon

Strays Side Eye

Leave your mark.

Starry Sockets Spray icon

Starry Sockets

Leave your mark.

Welcome to Gila Spray icon

Welcome to Gila

Leave your mark.

Monstrous Hunger Spray icon

Monstrous Hunger

Leave your mark.

Fan Attack Spray icon

Fan Attack

Leave your mark.

Highwire Hop Spray icon

Highwire Hop

Leave your mark.

Vital Highwire Spray icon

Vital Highwire

Leave your mark.

Titan Strike Pickaxe icon

Titan Strike

Defend the wall.

Vicious Vintage Pickaxe icon

Vicious Vintage

Record-breaking Greatest Hits.

The Destroyers Destroyer Pickaxe icon

The Destroyers Destroyer

The thinking man's black hole on a stick.

Kaiju Cutter Pickaxe icon

Kaiju Cutter

The Peace Syndicate sends their regards.

The Ashglow Blade Pickaxe icon

The Ashglow Blade

A blade's purpose is not to conquer, but to protect.

Breaking Waves Pickaxe icon

Breaking Waves

None can stand against the tide.

Plasmacore Claws Pickaxe icon

Plasmacore Claws

Shred the system.

Foxfire Edge Pickaxe icon

Foxfire Edge

A gift from the tricksters.

Regiment Gear Wrap icon

Regiment Gear

Show your style.

All-Nighter Wrap icon


Show your style.

Stray Fox Wrap icon

Stray Fox

Show your style.

Destroyer Signature  Wrap icon

Destroyer Signature

Show your style.

Gila Classic Wrap icon

Gila Classic

Show your style.

Horizons Call Wrap icon

Horizons Call

Show your style.

Flood Wrap icon


Show your style.

Highwired Wrap icon


Show your style.

Needle Dropper Glider icon

Needle Dropper

All the way to Number One.

Skycarver Glider icon


Only you can carve your true path.

Skull-a-tron Glider icon


Never leave home without your giant flaming skull.

Delivery Diver Glider icon

Delivery Diver

Now the whole island is in your delivery zone.

Stormcloud Glider icon


Bring the thunder.

Lost Meteor Glider icon

Lost Meteor

A fearless friend in the barren wastes of space.

Wings of the Storm Glider icon

Wings of the Storm

There are few bonds deeper than those of wind and rain.

Unseen Airdrifter Glider icon

Unseen Airdrifter

Hunt in style.

MEGA-brella Glider icon


Earned on the mean streets of the big city.

Reckless Reverb Contrail icon

Reckless Reverb

Bring that beat down.

Renzo Velocity Contrail icon

Renzo Velocity

Congratulations, you've reached Renzo velocity.

Meteor Shower Contrail icon

Meteor Shower

From the galaxy to the Island.

Reality Flow Contrail icon

Reality Flow

Run like the river. Fall like rain.

Highwire Skymark Contrail icon

Highwire Skymark

Every drop is a branding opportunity.

Eren Jaeger Outfit icon

Eren Jaeger

If we don't fight, we can't win!

Imani Outfit icon


Embrace the past. Create the future.

Renzo the Destroyer Outfit icon

Renzo the Destroyer

The galaxy's premier doomfluencer.

Thunder Outfit icon


Street warrior, sushi chef, and the coolest lizard in the Peace Syndicate.

Mystica Outfit icon


Legendary survivor. Luminary mind.

Mizuki Outfit icon


The depth of the ocean. The rage of the storm.

Highwire Outfit icon


Chaos is a game, and she always wins.

How many Items are in the Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA Battle Pass?

So far, the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA Battle Pass containes 91 Cosmetic Items (Excluding V-Bucks etc.). Some items however may be added later on in the season and require additional challenges to earn.

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