Chapter 2 Season 8: Cubed

Battle Pass

Chapter 2 Season 8: Cubed

Fight Monsters. Power Up Sideways Weapons. Defend the Island.

Charlotte Outfit icon


Your typical transforming monster-slaying teen with a possessed sword

Demonslayer Blade Pickaxe icon

Demonslayer Blade

What Youve never seen a demon trapped in a sword before

Inky Back Bling icon


Toonas best blub from back on the reef

Lil Black Heart Back Bling icon

Lil Black Heart

Send some love from the bottom of your cold goth heart

Toona Fish Outfit icon

Toona Fish

Greyscale guppy Aspiring rainbowfish

Whale Sailer Glider icon

Whale Sailer

The others always warned Toona Fish to watch where he was swimming

Corrupted Cubes Contrail icon

Corrupted Cubes

Theyre right behind you

Cubed Wrap icon


Show your style

Dimensional Camo Wrap icon

Dimensional Camo

Show your style

Flake That Music icon

Flake That

Press play and get flaky

IO Elite Spec Wrap icon

IO Elite Spec

Show your style

IO Field Flyer Glider icon

IO Field Flyer

State-of-the-art solar panels GPS tracker and 64 TB of flash storage

Kor Flails Pickaxe icon

Kor Flails

Cutting edge IO technology for close combat and stealthy retreats

Reality Graph Contrail icon

Reality Graph

IOs keeping track of everything Mostly

Sidewayfarer Wrap icon


Show your style

Sky Fire Music icon

Sky Fire

Press play and board the mothership

Space Chimp Music icon

Space Chimp

Press play and lead the war effort

Spectral Hunter Wrap icon

Spectral Hunter

Show your style

Wrainbow Wrap Wrap icon

Wrainbow Wrap

Show your style

Blaargh Emoji icon


Express yourself on the battlefield

Call Me JB Emoji icon

Call Me JB

Express yourself on the battlefield

Chimpanski Wants You Spray icon

Chimpanski Wants You

Leave your mark

Demons Beware Spray icon

Demons Beware

Leave your mark

Dimension of Danger Loading Screen icon

Dimension of Danger

Art by Christian Ward

Dualies Emoji icon


Express yourself on the battlefield

Enter the Sideways Loading Screen icon

Enter the Sideways

Showcase art for Chapter Two Season Eight

Ghostly Watcher Emoji icon

Ghostly Watcher

Express yourself on the battlefield

Heart Pounder Loading Screen icon

Heart Pounder


Hunters Crest Spray icon

Hunters Crest

Leave your mark

Island Corrupted Loading Screen icon

Island Corrupted

Art by Afu Chan

Mane Event Spray icon

Mane Event

Leave your mark

Nailed it Emote icon

Nailed it

I can only feign interest for so long

On the Job Loading Screen icon

On the Job

Art by Rich Kelly

Primate Space Program Wrap icon

Primate Space Program

Show your style

Ready When You Are Emote icon

Ready When You Are

No go on Take your time Ill wait

Sideways Survivor Loading Screen icon

Sideways Survivor

Art by Christian Ward

Spirit Eyes Emoji icon

Spirit Eyes

Express yourself on the battlefield

Splinter Faction Spray icon

Splinter Faction

Leave your mark

THE COLORS Spray icon


Leave your mark

The Chimpanski Horizon Loading Screen icon

The Chimpanski Horizon

Art by Brandon Graham

The Crunch Bunch Loading Screen icon

The Crunch Bunch

Art by Jason Raisch

To The Skies Loading Screen icon

To The Skies

Art by Nicolas Dehghani

Toon Talkin Emoji icon

Toon Talkin

Express yourself on the battlefield

Watch Out Toona Fish Emoji icon

Watch Out Toona Fish

Express yourself on the battlefield

How many Items are in the Chapter 2 Season 8: Cubed Battle Pass?

So far, the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Cubed Battle Pass containes 44 Cosmetic Items (Excluding V-Bucks etc.). Some items however may be added later on in the season and require additional challenges to earn.

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