Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin

Battle Pass

Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin

The Island is one giant party. Drop in and spread the good vibes!

Expedition Bag Back Bling icon

Expedition Bag

Rated for up to six golden idols.

Griffins Talon Back Bling icon

Griffins Talon

Symbol of the powerful bond between a ruler and his royal mount.

Twin Crossfire Back Bling icon

Twin Crossfire

Make your own trouble.

Adiras Battle Flag Back Bling icon

Adiras Battle Flag

A witness to battles long past.

Widows Promise Back Bling icon

Widows Promise

Settle the score.

Tover Back Bling icon


A little of this. A little of that. And anything else left over.

Viper Probe Droid Back Bling icon

Viper Probe Droid

Used for deep space reconnaissance.

Blowin Up Emote icon

Blowin Up

Feel the love.

Indys Dustoff Emote icon

Indys Dustoff

In the face of danger, be ready to go first.

Arm-y Guy Emote icon

Arm-y Guy

Need a hand with that?

Lance Dance Emote icon

Lance Dance

Joust with flair.

Shuriken Spinner Emote icon

Shuriken Spinner

The most dangerous fidget.

Imperial March Emote icon

Imperial March

Channel the power of the Dark Side.

It is Finished Emote icon

It is Finished

At long last, my quest is complete.

Steady Emote icon


Gimmie the love.

Articulated Blade Wing Glider icon

Articulated Blade Wing

Battle tested and display worthy.

Dragon Rider Glider icon

Dragon Rider

Spirit-bound dragon familiar.

Sovereign Griffin  Glider icon

Sovereign Griffin

Quest beyond the clouds.

Wind Crawler Glider icon

Wind Crawler

The hunter takes flight.

Lambda-Class Shuttle Glider icon

Lambda-Class Shuttle

The preferred shuttle of Imperial dignitaries.

Storm Crash Glider icon

Storm Crash

Built to glide beyond enemy lines.

Gossamer Shine Contrail icon

Gossamer Shine

Illuminate the skies.

Falling Fate Contrail icon

Falling Fate

Fall forth with honor and courage.

TIE Squadron Contrail icon

TIE Squadron

Deploy the fleet.

Exalted Skies Contrail icon

Exalted Skies

Soar high above your kingdom.

Glitz Grid Contrail icon

Glitz Grid

Fall into the future.

Darth Shader Wrap icon

Darth Shader

Show your style.

Rogue Archaeology Wrap icon

Rogue Archaeology

Show your style.

Maliks Honor Wrap icon

Maliks Honor

Show your style.

The Balance of Two Wrap icon

The Balance of Two

Show your style.

Adiras Armor Wrap icon

Adiras Armor

Show your style.

Ensnared Wrap icon


Show your style.

Daisies  Wrap icon


Show your style.

Polished Stone Wrap icon

Polished Stone

Show your style.

Pairing Blades Pickaxe icon

Pairing Blades

Syndicate-issued. Evie-modified.

Raiders Relics Pickaxe icon

Raiders Relics

It belongs in a museum.

Utility Claymore Pickaxe icon

Utility Claymore

The ideal armament for the well armed.

Dragon Rune Lance Pickaxe icon

Dragon Rune Lance

Forged long ago for battles yet to come.

The Kings Oath Pickaxe icon

The Kings Oath

Carry forth in honor, truth, and duty.

Widows Promise Pickaxe icon

Widows Promise

Regret nothing. Forget nothing.

Sigil of the Empire Pickaxe icon

Sigil of the Empire

Feel the Emperor's wrath.

Darth Vader Outfit icon

Darth Vader

Join him, and together you will rule the galaxy.

Indiana Jones Outfit icon

Indiana Jones

World famous archaeologist adventurer.

Malik Outfit icon


His destiny has been foretold for a thousand generations.

Evie Outfit icon


Criminal. Vigilante. And the Peace Syndicate's secret weapon.

Adira Outfit icon


In the crucible of the ancients a new path is forged.

Sabina Outfit icon


Her bridges are burned, there's no turning back.

Snap Outfit icon


All assembly required.

Dark Side Rising Spray icon

Dark Side Rising

Leave your mark.

Emergency Raft Glider icon

Emergency Raft

That wasn't so bad, was it?

How many Items are in the Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin Battle Pass?

So far, the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin Battle Pass containes 50 Cosmetic Items (Excluding V-Bucks etc.). Some items however may be added later on in the season and require additional challenges to earn.

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