Fortnite Divemasters Set

3d_rotationAir Tank Back Bling icon

Air Tank

Catch your breath.

3d_rotationDiving Tank Back Bling icon

Diving Tank

Breathe easy.

3d_rotationReef Ranger Outfit icon

Reef Ranger

Dive into the fray.

Vbuck icon


3d_rotationWreck Raider Outfit icon

Wreck Raider

Wrecks to riches.

Vbuck icon


3d_rotationvolume_upHarpoon Axe Pickaxe icon

Harpoon Axe

Tip of the spear.

Vbuck icon


How many items does it contain?

So far there are 4 Epic, 1 Rare Cosmetic Items in this Skin Set. Fortnite can add more skins at any time.