Fortnite The Seven Set

3d_rotationOffworld Rig Back Bling icon

Offworld Rig

Intergalactic original.

3d_rotationThe Visitor Outfit icon

The Visitor

Intentions unknown.

Visitor GG Spray icon

Visitor GG

Leave your mark.

Star Surge Back Bling icon

Star Surge

Power through the rifts

The Scientist Outfit icon

The Scientist

His mission is unknown. One of The Seven.

The Paradigm Outfit icon

The Paradigm

Vbuck icon


The Foundation Outfit icon

The Foundation

His Sacrifice Wont Be Forgotten Leader Of The Seven

Foundations Mantle Back Bling icon

Foundations Mantle

Worn through the ages by The Sevens intrepid leader

Sanctuary Rising Loading Screen icon

Sanctuary Rising

A new Foundation for the future Art by Martin Ansin

Cube Aether Back Bling icon

Cube Aether

Nothing can contain it.

The Imagined Wingspan  Back Bling icon

The Imagined Wingspan

Imagination rises above all else.

The Ordered Wingspan Back Bling icon

The Ordered Wingspan

You'll never catch me. I'm too resourceful. And cunning...

The Order Outfit icon

The Order

Her honor will lead us to victory. One of the Seven.

The Order Outfit icon

The Order

Her honor will lead us to victory. One of the Seven.

Vbuck icon


The Ordered Cutlass Pickaxe icon

The Ordered Cutlass

This thing cuts everything else.

Vbuck icon


The Imagined Blade Pickaxe icon

The Imagined Blade

This thing cuts everything. Armor, comms wires, sandwiches...

Cubic Scepter Pickaxe icon

Cubic Scepter

Corruption carefully channeled for maximum battle impact.

Lunar Hyperjet Back Bling icon

Lunar Hyperjet

Rise to any occasion.

Lunar Defender Pickaxe icon

Lunar Defender

A gift from The Scientist.

Heros Heart Emoticon icon

Heros Heart

Express yourself on the battlefield.

Lunar Skyspan Glider icon

Lunar Skyspan

No true home but the sky.

Paradigms Ascension Loading Screen icon

Paradigms Ascension

Ever upward. Art by Butcher Billy.

Para-Dive Contrail icon


Her power will carry you aloft.

Paradigm Shift Wrap icon

Paradigm Shift

Show your style.

The Power Inside Spray icon

The Power Inside

Leave your mark.

Paradigm (Reality-659) Outfit icon

Paradigm (Reality-659)

Her duty defies reality. One of The Seven.

How many items does it contain?

So far there are 9 Legendary, 5 Uncommon, 9 Rare, 3 Epic Cosmetic Items in this Skin Set. Fortnite can add more skins at any time.