Fortnite Web of Corruption Set

Corrupted Arachne Outfit icon

Corrupted Arachne

Weave a web of corruption to victory

Corrupted Bladed Wings Back Bling icon

Corrupted Bladed Wings

The edgy wings of corruption

Corrupted Insight Outfit icon

Corrupted Insight

Target in sight and totally corrupted

Corrupted Long Legs Back Bling icon

Corrupted Long Legs

Stretch your corrupt legs

Corrupted Shogun Outfit icon

Corrupted Shogun

Suited for the ultimate corruption

Corrupted Sight Sling Back Bling icon

Corrupted Sight Sling

Expertly sighted yet riddled with corruption

When was the Web of Corruption Set released?

This Set was added to Fortnite with the v14.10 Update. Some Cosmetics however may have been released and added to the Set at a later date.

How many items does it contain?

So far there are 6 Epic Cosmetic Items in this Skin Set. Fortnite can add more skins at any time.